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Parkwest Studio Stylists have advanced technical skills as well as many years of experience. As we work with our clients to create the desired cut, color, & lash look, our number one focus is to create a relationship with each guest based on trust, quality & satisfaction.

parkwest pro tips

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Refresh right after Shampoo!

Would you use Deoderant right after showering?  Or do you wait until you perspire?  Dry Shampoo is meant to be used right after your Shampoo and Blow Dry so that it can work to absorb perspiration and buildup in your hair and scalp.  Also use before a workout, not after.



Masque Weekly

After a clarifying treatment, or even on it's own, a quality masque will restore the elasticity, shine & moisture your hair needs to maintain health.




Clarify Weekly

Did you know hair waist is used to clean up oil spills due to its high absorbency? Your Hair is one of the most absorbent natural materials.  It retains by products, dirt & odors unseen in the air. 

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